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Happy Garifuna Weekend

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Monday is Garifuna Settlement Day!  Have a fun and safe holiday, and have some sere and hudut if you can find it.  The San Pedro Sun has a great article on the Garifuna culture.

"Today, the modern Garinagu annually reenact that long historical journey when their ancestors landed as slaves to this region and intermarried with the Arawak Indians of the West Indies region.  This culture is vibrant and dominates the ethnic heart of the country with the month of November in Belize looking back at the past while celebrating the present rich traditions of these people.  Today, like many other ethnic groups the Garinagu struggle to keep their culture alive.  In recognition of the important Garinagu history in Belize the 19th of November is celebrated annually as National Garifuna Settlement Day countrywide with a public and bank holiday granted."

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